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2019-2020 General Catalog 
2019-2020 General Catalog

Academic Course Descriptions

Courses offered during the academic year covered by this catalog will be selected principally from those courses described on the following pages. Bossier Parish Community College reserves the right, however, to make revisions in these offerings.

Course Description Key

The course prefix is the first set of letters (see the prefix codes below) at the beginning of each course section. The course number is shown to the left of the title.

The significance of the numbering system is as follows:

000-099 Developmental courses for no degree credit

100-199 Freshmen level courses

200-299 Sophomore level courses

Contact and credit hours of each course are shown in parentheses immediately following the course title. The first figure indicates the total semester hours credit awarded to students for satisfactory completion of the course; the second number indicates the number of contact hours per week in lecture; the third number represents the number of contact hours per week in laboratory.

For example: (3-3-0)

3 semester hour credits

3 hours lecture per week

0 hours lab per week

Clinical, practicum, internship, or externship courses may indicate the course credit hours followed by the total number of contact hours. Some courses have prerequisites or corequisites listed. A prerequisite must be taken prior to entering a course; a corequisite must be taken prior to, or concurrently with, the course. For clarification on any prerequisites or corequisites, students should contact the appropriate dean. Students must make a “C” or higher in all prerequisite courses.



   •  MATH 217:Elementary Geometry
   •  MATH 218:Elementary Statistics
   •  MATH 250:Calculus I
   •  MATH 251:Calculus II
   •  MATH 252:Calculus III
   •  MATH 253:Calculus IV
   •  MATH 254:Differential Equations

Medical Office Specialist

   •  MOS 107:Medical Office Administration
   •  MOS 109:Survey of Medical Coding
   •  MOS 110:Medical Coding I
   •  MOS 111:Medical Coding II
   •  MOS 113:Reimbursement Methodology
   •  MOS 116:MOS Practicum
   •  MOS 118:Advanced Reimbursement Methodology
   •  MOS 220:Coding Practice
   •  MOS 221:ICD-10-CM Coding

Military Science

   •  MILS 101:Introduction to Leadership I
   •  MILS 102:Introduction to Leadership II


   •  MUSC 100:Music Fundamentals
   •  MUSC 101:Class Voice
   •  MUSC 104:Class Orchestral Strings
   •  MUSC 105:Class Guitar
   •  MUSC 110:Class Piano I
   •  MUSC 111:Class Piano II
   •  MUSC 112:Ear Training/Sightsinging I
   •  MUSC 113:Ear Training/Sightsinging II
   •  MUSC 120:Music Appreciation
   •  MUSC 121:Jazz Appreciation
   •  MUSC 122:Music Theory I
   •  MUSC 123:Music Theory II
   •  MUSC 140:Concert Band
   •  MUSC 144:Jazz Ensemble
   •  MUSC 148:Concert Choir
   •  MUSC 149:Chamber Singers
   •  MUSC 150:Opera Workshop
   •  MUSC 199:Diction for Singers
   •  MUSC 200:Special Topics in Music
   •  MUSC 212:Ear Training/Sightsinging III
   •  MUSC 213:Ear Training/Sightsinging IV
   •  MUSC 216:Basic Conducting
   •  MUSC 220:Historical Survey
   •  MUSC 222:Music Theory III
   •  MUSC 223:Music Theory IV
   •  MUSC 230:Applied Piano
   •  MUSC 231:Applied Voice
   •  MUSC 232:Applied Flute
   •  MUSC 233:Applied Oboe
   •  MUSC 234:Applied Clarinet
   •  MUSC 235:Applied Bassoon
   •  MUSC 236:Applied Saxophone
   •  MUSC 237:Applied Trumpet
   •  MUSC 238:Applied Horn
   •  MUSC 239:Applied Trombone
   •  MUSC 240:Applied Tuba/Euphonium
   •  MUSC 241:Applied Percussion
   •  MUSC 242:Applied Classical Guitar
   •  MUSC 243:Applied Electric Bass
   •  MUSC 244:Applied Orchestral Strings
   •  MUSC 299:Piano Proficiency


   •  NURS 200:Fundamentals of Nursing
   •  NURS 201:Adult Nursing I
   •  NURS 202:Nursing Practicum I
   •  NURS 204:LPN to RN Transition
   •  NURS 205:Pharmacology I
   •  NURS 210:Pediatric Nursing
   •  NURS 211:Adult Nursing II
   •  NURS 212:Adult Practicum II
   •  NURS 213:Pediatric Practicum
   •  NURS 214:Pharmacology II
   •  NURS 220:Women’s Health Nursing
   •  NURS 221:Adult Nursing III
   •  NURS 222:Adult Practicum III
   •  NURS 223:Mental Health Nursing
   •  NURS 224:Women’s Health Practicum
   •  NURS 225:Mental Health Practicum
   •  NURS 226:Pharmacology III

Occupational Therapy Assistant

   •  OCTA 200:Introduction to Occupational Therapy
   •  OCTA 201:Functional Anatomy for OTA
   •  OCTA 203:Physical Challenges to Occupation
   •  OCTA 204:Mental Challenges to Occupation
   •  OCTA 205:Developmental Challenges to Occupation
   •  OCTA 206:Therapeutic Interventions I
   •  OCTA 208:Clinical Documentation I
   •  OCTA 210:OTA Seminar
   •  OCTA 212:OT Strategies and Interventions for the Elderly
   •  OCTA 213:OT Strategies and Intervention to Physical Challenges
   •  OCTA 215:OT Strategies and Interventions to Pediatrics
   •  OCTA 216:Therapeutic Interventions II
   •  OCTA 217:Fieldwork 1-B
   •  OCTA 218:Clinical Documentation II
   •  OCTA 220:Fieldwork Level II-A
   •  OCTA 221:Fieldwork Level II-B

Oil and Gas Technology

   •  OGPT 101:Introduction to the Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas
   •  OGPT 102:Introduction to Process Technology
   •  OGPT 103:Drilling Complex Wells
   •  OGPT 131:Well Completions and Workovers
   •  OGPT 150:Regulatory Issues for the Oil and Gas Industry
   •  OGPT 153:Hydraulic/Pneumatic Applications for the Oil and Gas Industry with Lab
   •  OGPT 203:Oil and Gas Instrumentation and Lab
   •  OGPT 207:Production I

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