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2019-2020 General Catalog 
2019-2020 General Catalog

Academic Course Descriptions

Courses offered during the academic year covered by this catalog will be selected principally from those courses described on the following pages. Bossier Parish Community College reserves the right, however, to make revisions in these offerings.

Course Description Key

The course prefix is the first set of letters (see the prefix codes below) at the beginning of each course section. The course number is shown to the left of the title.

The significance of the numbering system is as follows:

000-099 Developmental courses for no degree credit

100-199 Freshmen level courses

200-299 Sophomore level courses

Contact and credit hours of each course are shown in parentheses immediately following the course title. The first figure indicates the total semester hours credit awarded to students for satisfactory completion of the course; the second number indicates the number of contact hours per week in lecture; the third number represents the number of contact hours per week in laboratory.

For example: (3-3-0)

3 semester hour credits

3 hours lecture per week

0 hours lab per week

Clinical, practicum, internship, or externship courses may indicate the course credit hours followed by the total number of contact hours. Some courses have prerequisites or corequisites listed. A prerequisite must be taken prior to entering a course; a corequisite must be taken prior to, or concurrently with, the course. For clarification on any prerequisites or corequisites, students should contact the appropriate dean. Students must make a “C” or higher in all prerequisite courses.


Care and Development of Young Children

   •  CDYC 273:Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum and Materials in Early Childhood
   •  CDYC 280:Administration of Early Childhood Programs
   •  CDYC 282:Management and Financial Strategies for the Childcare Business
   •  CDYC 298:Practicum in Early Childhood Development


   •  CHEM 101:General Chemistry I
   •  CHEM 101L:General Chemistry I Laboratory
   •  CHEM 102:General Chemistry II
   •  CHEM 102L:General Chemistry II Laboratory
   •  CHEM 107:Introductory Chemistry
   •  CHEM 107L:Introductory Chemistry Laboratory
   •  CHEM 250:Organic Chemistry I

Computer Technology

   •  CTEC 099:Introduction to Basic Computer Skills
   •  CTEC 100:Computer Concepts
   •  CTEC 101:Information Technology Principles
   •  CTEC 102:Problem Solving and Programming Techniques
   •  CTEC 104:Introduction to Scripting
   •  CTEC 107:Skills for Information Technology (IT) Success
   •  CTEC 108:Introduction to Management Information Systems
   •  CTEC 110:Ethics in Information Technology
   •  CTEC 111:Internet Technology
   •  CTEC 112:IT Hardware Support
   •  CTEC 113:Introduction to C++ Programming
   •  CTEC 114:IT Software Support
   •  CTEC 115:Software Applications
   •  CTEC 118:Help Desk Operations
   •  CTEC 130:HTML5/CSSE
   •  CTEC 144:Advanced MS Word
   •  CTEC 145:Advanced MS Excel
   •  CTEC 146:Advanced MS PowerPoint
   •  CTEC 147:Advanced MS Access
   •  CTEC 149:Web Scripting
   •  CTEC 150:Introduction to Programming with JAVA
   •  CTEC 151:Advanced Java Programming
   •  CTEC 155:Network Essentials
   •  CTEC 165:Introduction to Virtualization
   •  CTEC 170:Microsoft Windows Servers
   •  CTEC 172:Linux Server
   •  CTEC 200:Network Defense
   •  CTEC 210:Advanced Network Topics
   •  CTEC 213:Advanced C++ Programming
   •  CTEC 220:Information System Security I
   •  CTEC 224:Information System Security II
   •  CTEC 235:Mobile App Development
   •  CTEC 240:Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony
   •  CTEC 243:Data Structures
   •  CTEC 250:Programming with C#
   •  CTEC 255:CCNA I
   •  CTEC 256:CCNA II
   •  CTEC 257:CCNA III
   •  CTEC 258:CCNA IV
   •  CTEC 259:Modern Web Application Development
   •  CTEC 260:Interactive Program Design
   •  CTEC 262:Introduction to Cloud Computing
   •  CTEC 263:Cloud+
   •  CTEC 270:Relational Database Coding
   •  CTEC 272:Advanced Topics in Linux
   •  CTEC 279:Information Assurance
   •  CTEC 280:Computer Forensics
   •  CTEC 282:Information Technology Project Management
   •  CTEC 285:Health Informatics for IT Professionals
   •  CTEC 287:Network Security Design
   •  CTEC 290:System Analysis and Design
   •  CTEC 295:The Software Development Process
   •  CTEC 297:Advanced Topics
   •  CTEC 299:CTEC Internship

Communication Media

   •  COMM 102:Live Video Productions
   •  COMM 103:Communication Practicum
   •  COMM 105:Survey of Music Business
   •  COMM 107:Sound Reinforcement
   •  COMM 108:Marketing of Recorded Music
   •  COMM 109:Introduction to Audio Editing
   •  COMM 111:Engineering for Comm Media
   •  COMM 130:Film Pre-Production
   •  COMM 135:Design for Media
   •  COMM 140:Social Media
   •  COMM 141:Social Media Marketing
   •  COMM 150:Video Production Techniques
   •  COMM 160:Photography
   •  COMM 162:Fine-Art Photography
   •  COMM 163:Techniques of the Masters
   •  COMM 164:Creating Digital Presentations
   •  COMM 170:Introduction to Mass Media
   •  COMM 171:The Business of Visual Artistry
   •  COMM 175:Television Programming
   •  COMM 201:Video Post-Production
   •  COMM 202:Video Editing
   •  COMM 203:Lighting for Film and Television
   •  COMM 204:Special Effects in Editing
   •  COMM 205:Television Directing
   •  COMM 207:Electronic Field Production
   •  COMM 209:Scriptwriting for Film and Television
   •  COMM 210:Copywriting for Mass Media
   •  COMM 211:Newswriting
   •  COMM 212:Announcing
   •  COMM 213:Voice and Diction
   •  COMM 215:Special Topics
   •  COMM 216:Adobe Photoshop
   •  COMM 218:Adobe Illustrator
   •  COMM 219:Applied Graphic Design
   •  COMM 220:Photoshop Compositing

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