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2019-2020 General Catalog 
2019-2020 General Catalog

Academic Course Descriptions

Courses offered during the academic year covered by this catalog will be selected principally from those courses described on the following pages. Bossier Parish Community College reserves the right, however, to make revisions in these offerings.

Course Description Key

The course prefix is the first set of letters (see the prefix codes below) at the beginning of each course section. The course number is shown to the left of the title.

The significance of the numbering system is as follows:

000-099 Developmental courses for no degree credit

100-199 Freshmen level courses

200-299 Sophomore level courses

Contact and credit hours of each course are shown in parentheses immediately following the course title. The first figure indicates the total semester hours credit awarded to students for satisfactory completion of the course; the second number indicates the number of contact hours per week in lecture; the third number represents the number of contact hours per week in laboratory.

For example: (3-3-0)

3 semester hour credits

3 hours lecture per week

0 hours lab per week

Clinical, practicum, internship, or externship courses may indicate the course credit hours followed by the total number of contact hours. Some courses have prerequisites or corequisites listed. A prerequisite must be taken prior to entering a course; a corequisite must be taken prior to, or concurrently with, the course. For clarification on any prerequisites or corequisites, students should contact the appropriate dean. Students must make a “C” or higher in all prerequisite courses.


Emergency Medical Technician: Paramedic

   •  EMTP 213:Field Experience
   •  EMTP 214:Field Internship I
   •  EMTP 215:Field Internship II


   •  ENGR 100:Engineering Fundamentals
   •  ENGR 101:Engineering Fundamentals II
   •  ENGR 201:Mechanics of Engineering Materials
   •  ENGR 220:Statics
   •  ENGR 221:Circuits
   •  ENGR 222:Thermodynamics
   •  ENGR 270:GIS in Engineering
   •  ENGR 280:Introduction to Engineering Drawings and CAD
   •  ENGR 299:Engineering Internship


   •  ENGL 098:Fundamentals of Grammar
   •  ENGL 099:Fundamentals of Composition
   •  ENGL 099L:English Composition Lab
   •  ENGL 101:Composition and Rhetoric I
   •  ENGL 102:Composition and Rhetoric II
   •  ENGL 103:Foundations of Professional Writing
   •  ENGL 201:Major British Writers
   •  ENGL 202:Major American Writers
   •  ENGL 250:Introduction to Women’s Literature
   •  ENGL 251:Introduction to World Literature
   •  ENGL 252:Introduction to Folklore and Mythology
   •  ENGL 255:Introduction to Fiction
   •  ENGL 256:Introduction to Poetry and Drama
   •  ENGL 257:Introduction to African American Literature
   •  ENGL 290:Creative Writing

Fire Science

   •  FRSC 100:Principles of Emergency Services
   •  FRSC 110:Building Construction for Fire Protection
   •  FRSC 120:Fire Behavior and Combustion
   •  FRSC 130:Principles of Fire and Emergency Services and Survival
   •  FRSC 140:Fire Prevention
   •  FRSC 150:Fire Protection Systems
   •  FRSC 200:Legal Aspects of Emergency Services
   •  FRSC 210:Principles of Emergency Services
   •  FRSC 220:Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply
   •  FRSC 230:Occupational Safety and Health for Emergency Services
   •  FRSC 240:Strategy and Tactics
   •  FRSC 250:Hazardous Materials Chemistry
   •  FRSC 260:Fire Investigation I
   •  FRSC 270:Fire Investigation II

First Year Student Experience

   •  FYSE 001:First Year Student Experience


   •  FREN 101:Elementary French I
   •  FREN 102:Elementary French II
   •  FREN 201:Intermediate French


   •  GPHY 101:Physical Geography
   •  GPHY 102:Cultural Geography
   •  GPHY 105:Regional Geography

Health and Physical Education

   •  HLPE 113:Fundamental Weight Training (Men)
   •  HLPE 114:Fundamental Weight Training (Women)
   •  HLPE 115:Intermediate Weight Training (Men)
   •  HLPE 116:Intermediate Weight Training (Women)
   •  HLPE 142:Motivation, Goal-Setting, and Lifestyle Strategies
   •  HLPE 145:Fundamentals of Coaching
   •  HLPE 205:Personal Health for College Students
   •  HLPE 221:First Aid

Health Care Management

   •  HCM 201:Introduction to Healthcare Management
   •  HCM 202:Healthcare Informatics
   •  HCM 203:Supervision
   •  HCM 205:Risk and Insurance
   •  HCM 226:Perspectives on Aging
   •  HCM 250:Small Business Management
   •  HCM 290:Healthcare Law
   •  HCM 299:Internship in Healthcare Management


   •  HIST 101:Western Civilization I
   •  HIST 102:Western Civilization II
   •  HIST 103:World Civilization I
   •  HIST 104:World Civilization II
   •  HIST 201:American History I
   •  HIST 202:American History II
   •  HIST 203:Louisiana History


   •  HMAN 201:Humanities I
   •  HMAN 202:Renaissance - Modern Culture
   •  HMAN 203:Film and Culture

Industrial Safety

   •  ISAF 109:Basic Field Safety Orientation
   •  ISAF 111:Safety, Health, and Environment
   •  ISAF 209:Safety Regulations and Hazwoper 40 Safety Certification
   •  ISAF 210:Industrial Safety and OSHA Standards


   •  INTR 103:American Sign Language I
   •  INTR 104:American Sign Language II
   •  INTR 106:Psycho-Social Aspects of Deafness
   •  INTR 201:Interpreting I
   •  INTR 202:Interpreting II

Legal Assistant

   •  LSEC 101:Legal Office Concepts I
   •  LSEC 150:Legal Ethics and Professionalism
   •  LSEC 201:Legal Concepts II
   •  LSEC 250:Litigation Documentation


   •  MATH 097:Basic Mathematics
   •  MATH 098:Beginning Algebra I
   •  MATH 099:Beginning Algebra II
   •  MATH 101:Applied Algebra for College Students
   •  MATH 102:College Algebra
   •  MATH 111:Precalculus Algebra
   •  MATH 112:Trigonometry
   •  MATH 114:Finite Math
   •  MATH 117:Elementary Number Structure
   •  MATH 124:Mathematical Concepts
   •  MATH 129:Applied Technical Mathematics
   •  MATH 131:Elementary Applied Calculus
   •  MATH 210:Basic Statistics

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