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2023-2024 General Catalog 
2023-2024 General Catalog

Industrial Engineering Technology, Automation and Controls Concentration, AAS

The Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering Technology Automation and Controls program prepares the student to install, maintain, troubleshoot, program, and repair electronics commonly found in industrial, medical, and petroleum technology settings, including Allen Bradley and Siemens PLCs.

Learning Outcomes:

The program outcomes for the Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering Technology with concentration in Automation and Controls will ensure the students have demonstrated the ability to:

  1. identify and communicate automation and controls knowledge and techniques used in the industry with a focus on the ever-increasing demands of manufacturing, construction, and engineering;
  2. interact with engineers, architects, and other technical professionals in the field;
  3. install and program PLC systems and robotic systems;
  4. troubleshoot and repair automation and controls systems;
  5. solder and repair PC boards; and
  6. use electrical test equipment for analyzing circuits.

Specific Degree Information:

Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor concerning required courses and sequencing for this degree. This program articulates with one or more institutions or agencies. Refer to the Transfer Agreements  section of the catalog for further detail.

Required Courses for Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering Technology with Concentration in Automation and Controls:

Freshman Year

First Semester: 16 Hours

Second Semester: 16 Hours

Sophomore Year

First Semester: 17 Hours

Second Semester: 14 Hours

Total Credit Hours: 63

Computer Literacy is fulfilled within TEED 143   or TEED 161   or TEED 260 . Credit for least one of htese courses is required to graduate.

*IET Technical Electives must be chosen from: AMFG 110 , AMFG 202 , AMFG 210 ,  ENGR 100 ENGR 101 ISAF 210 , OGPT 101 TEED 142 TEED 150 TEED 151 TEED 153 ,  TEED 161 TEED 208 TEED 220 TEED 252 TEED 280 WELD 101 , OR approved by program director.

**IET Technical Elective 4 Hour must be chosen from   TEED 151 TEED 208 TEED 210 OGPT 203 WELD 101 , OR approved by program instructor.

The combination of required courses and approved electives must be at least 63 credit hours.

***Approved general education elective courses can be found at

For a full list of course descriptions with prerequisites see: /