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2023-2024 General Catalog 
2023-2024 General Catalog

General Degree Requirements

Bossier Parish Community College fulfills its stated purpose by meeting challenges from business establishments, industrial companies, and medical institutions to provide technical training for their employees. Successful completion of the training qualifies students to receive, in each appropriate case, a certificate, an associate degree, and/or credit to transfer to other institutions where the studies can be completed. The College’s occupational/technical programs include degree programs, clock-hour programs, seminars, and training sessions.

All of the programs are outlined by academic division. Special requirements and courses are listed under each program of study. When pursuing a program of study, students are encouraged to seek academic guidance from advisors. Times of completion vary from program to program. A detailed description of each course is included in this catalog under Course Descriptions .

Program Coordination

Bossier Parish Community College assigns the responsibility for associate degree program coordination to individuals competent in the field, including, but not limited to, faculty members. The following is a list of program coordinators assigned to assure essential curricular program components, monitor program content and pedagogy, and maintain currency in the degree program

Associate of General Studies

General Studies Jennifer Lofton

Associate of Applied Science

Business Administration Nathan Manning
Communication Media  Jennifer Robison
     Graphic Design/Computer Animation Concentration      
     Mass Communication Concentration   
     Multimedia (Non-Prescriptive) Concentration  
     Photography Concentration  
     Sound and Music Recording Concentration   
Computer Information Systems Dr. Paul Weaver
Criminal Justice Pam Simek
Culinary Arts Julie Dupont
Cyber Security  Chris Rondeau
Industrial Engineering Technology  
     Automation and Controls Concentration Mark Harner
     Engineering Graphics, Industrial Maintenance Concentration Lamont Lackman
Fire Science Beau Bevan
Medical Assistant Erica Mullins
Occupational Therapy Assistant Kelly Brandon
Oil and Gas Technology Stephanie Jackson
Paramedic Jeffery Anderson
Pharmacy Technician Karel Brummett 
Physical Therapist Assistant Laura Bryant
Respiratory Therapy Lindsay Michele
Software Development  Steven Turner
Surgical Technology Al Smith
System Administration Randy Haley
     Cloud Computing Concentration  
     DevOps Concentration  

Associate of Arts

Performing Arts  
     Music Production and Technology Concentration Dr. Gulnara Chandler
     Theatre Concentration Dr. Ray Scott Crawford
     Musical Theatre Concentration Dr. Ray Scott Crawford

Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer

Associate of Arts - Louisiana Transfer  Yolanda Cooper
     Business Concentration  
     Fine Arts Concentration   
     Humanities Concentration   
     Mass Communication Concentration  
     Social Sciences concentration   

Associate of Science

Engineering Dr. June Schneider
General Science Roishene Johnson
Health Care Management  Dr. Alana Stevenson
     Health Studies Concentration   
     Professional Practice Concentration   
Nursing Kathryn Brooke Richardson
Teaching Dr. Keali Knowles 

Associate of Science Louisiana Transfer  

     Biological Sciences concentration        Ty Bryan
     Physical Sciences concentration Ty Bryan

General Education Core Curriculum

Associate Degree

The accrediting (SACSCOC) and governing (Board of Regents) bodies of Bossier Parish Community College have established a set of core courses for students receiving an associate degree at the college. This core curriculum is included in the associate degree curriculum that students follow. Graduates of all BPCC associate degrees are required, at a minimum, to take the following courses:

Minimum required Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Associate of Arts (AA) Associate of Science (AS) Associate of General Studies(A)
General Education 15 credit hours 27 credit hours 27 credit hours 27 credit hours
English Composition 3 credit hours 6 credit hours 6 credit hours 6 credit hours
Mathematics 3 credit hours 3 credit hours 6 credit hours 3 credit hours
Natural Science 3 credit hours 6 credit hours 6 credit hours 6 credit hours
Humanities 3 credit hours 3 credit hours 3 credit hours 3 credit hours
Fine Arts 0 credit hours 3 credit hours 3 credit hours 3 credit hours
Behavioral /Social Sciences 3 credit hours 6 credit hours 3 credit hours 6 credit hours

Academic Certificates

Bossier Parish Community College awards the following: the Career and Technical Certificate (CTC), the Certificate of Technical Studies (CTS), the Certificate of General Studies (CGS), and the Technical Diploma (TD). These contain the required coursework as approved by the Board of Regents.

Career and Technical Certificate

A Career and Technical Certificate (CTC) is a series of applied courses that provides students with mastery in a specific technical/vocational area. A CTC includes a demonstrated alignment with, and a process whereby a student’s competencies are verified against, a set of pre-determined standards which lead to and/or prepare an individual to test for an industry-based certification (IBC), state licensure, or state-recognized certification awarded by an independent, third party that is recognized by business and industry and/or the State of Louisiana. The CTC does not possess a general education core requirement.

General Education Competencies

Associate Degree

In addition to the minimum General Education core courses established by the governing body of the Board of Regents and the accrediting body of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), BPCC has established general education competencies which span the entire curriculum and are not limited to any one course. The general education competencies for associate degree graduates are reading comprehension, written and oral communication, mathematical computation, critical thinking, research skills, and computer literacy. All associate degree recipients from BPCC will have taken general education core courses required by the Board of Regents and SACSCOC in addition to degree-specific course requirements, providing the breadth and depth necessary to develop the following college-level general education competencies:

Reading Comprehension competency is measured by:

  • Locating and identifying main ideas and important concepts
  • Identifying relevant and irrelevant facts
  • Paraphrasing and summarizing
  • Identifying program-specific terminology
  • Answering questions using information gained through reading assignments

Written Communication competency is measured by:

  • Using appropriate syntax
  • Writing clearly using correct grammar and punctuation
  • Producing effective, organized materials using recognized patterns of development

Oral Communication competency is measured by:

  • Clearly conveying ideas verbally and non-verbally
  • Adapting the message to specific recipients and occasions to achieve a desired purpose
  • Exhibiting effective listening skills by responding appropriately to others
  • Employing effective communication techniques and methods without reading from prepared materials
  • Researching and creating organized messages to achieve a stated purpose

Mathematical Computation competency is measured by:

  • Manipulating symbolic expressions
  • Solving problems using mathematical strategies
  • Illustrating relationships between variables using a formula, equation, graph, table or diagram

Critical Thinking competency is measured by:

  • Comparing and contrasting evidence-based opposing arguments
  • Organizing, sequencing, and evaluating facts and ideas
  • Identifying patterns and making logical predictions
  • Forming opinions, judgments or decisions using reasoning skills

Research Skills competency is measured by:

  • Identifying appropriate, reliable, and diverse sources
  • Applying the principles of intellectual property
  • Citing resources using the discipline specific format
  • Locating and reviewing relevant professional literature on a topic
  • Translating research data into actionable items

Computer Literacy competency is measured by:

  • Practicing digital security and ethics
  • Sending and receiving digital correspondence
  • Navigating digital file systems, the internet and software applications
  • Preparing and formatting documents with word processing, presentation and/or spreadsheet software

Academic Certificates

Additionally, BPCC has established the following general education competencies for Academic Certificates. With the exception of the Career and Technical Certificate (CTC), the general education competencies for the Academic Certificate graduates are reading comprehension, written communication, mathematical computation, and skills in chosen occupational fields. Specifically, Academic Certificate graduates must be able to do the following:

  • Reading comprehension competency is measured by comprehending, evaluating, and synthesizing information gained by reading college-level material.
  • Written communication competency is measured by using basic grammar, mechanics, and composition skills in a variety of rhetorical modes to explain, describe, inform, and analyze.
  • Mathematical computation competency is measured by performing arithmetic computations as these are related to certification area.
  • Skill competency is measured by demonstrating specific, required ability for current entry-level employment in chosen fields.

Students receiving Academic Certificates from BPCC must show competency in general education. The following measurements have been established to indicate competency:

Reading Comprehension (Competency # 1)

  • A minimum ACT score of 16 in reading;
  • Placement test results placing students in ENGL 101 or ENGL 101 with co-requisite ENGL 011L; or
  • Completion of a required college-level course in the certificate program which requires college-level reading comprehension skills.

Written Communication (Competency # 2)

  • A minimum ACT score of 18 in English;
  • Placement test results showing placement in ENGL 101 or ENGL 101 with co-requisite ENGL 011L; or
  • Completion of a required college-level course in the certificate program which requires a written essay component.

Mathematical Computation (Competency # 3)

  • A minimum ACT score of 17 in mathematics;
  • Placement test results showing placement in MATH 102 or MATH 102 with co-requisitie MATH 102L
  • Completion of higher level mathematics with a grade of “C” or higher.

Skills (Competency # 4)

  • Skills for entry-level employment are determined by achievement of learning outcomes in Academic Certificate course requirements.

Degree Requirements

  1. Associate Degree and Academic Certificates: (General Requirements) - The BPCC academic catalog prescribes the requirements for each associate degree and certificate program as well as services offered by the College. The catalog is published annually and becomes effective with the beginning of the summer semester each year. Former and continuing students must adhere to all changes in policies, rules, regulations, and academic requirements each year that changes are made. The educational programs and academic courses described herein may be altered by BPCC to carry out its stated mission. Students pursuing BPCC Associate Degrees and Academic Certificates are permitted to pursue only one associate degree at a time.
  2. Requirements for a Second Associate Degree: In order to qualify for a second Associate Degree, regardless of whether the first was granted by BPCC or another college or university, the candidate must present to the appropriate dean a minimum of 15 additional semester hours earned at BPCC since the completion of the previous degree requirements. These 15 additional hours will not include any semester hours counted in fulfilling any previous degree requirements or those hours earned prior to the date of certification of the last degree. The candidate must also fulfill all academic major requirements and College requirements for the second degree. The 15 hours of an approved curriculum for a second Associate Degree must be taken in residence at BPCC. Note: Students are not allowed to pursue more than one BPCC Associate Degree simultaneously.
  3. Official Certification of Degree/Certificate Completion: The official documentation of degree/certificate completion of BPCC programs is indicated on the BPCC transcript. Diplomas/certificates are unofficial and do not indicate official graduation from Bossier Parish Community College. The determination for satisfying all degree and certificate requirements is made by the Registrar after considering recommendations, where appropriate, from the appropriate deans and the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness.
  4. Graduation requirements: A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all courses applicable to graduation. Students must successfully establish competency in all general education areas. For degree completion, at least 25 percent of semester credit hours must be earned at Bossier Parish Community College
  5. General Education Courses: Elective courses should be chosen from the list of general education courses.

    English Composition

    #For transfer to a four-year institution, students are strongly advised to take ENGL 102  instead of ENGL 103 . Students must seek the assistance of their advisor to determine the appropriate English courses.

    Fine Arts - 3 hours

    Mathematics/Analytical Reasoning

    ## For transfer to a four-year institution, students are strongly advised to take MATH 102  instead of MATH 101 . Students must seek the assistance of their advisor to determine the appropriate mathematics courses.


    History Sequences

    Foreign Language Sequences


    ### not currently on the Board of Regents Matrix

    All Courses Considered as Humanities Electives

    ### not currently on the Board of Regents Matrix

    *May not be sole humanities course

    Natural Sciences

    **recommended for non-science majors

    Biological Sequences

    Physical Sequences