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2021-2022 General Catalog Published 2/28/22 
2021-2022 General Catalog Published 2/28/22 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ECG/Telemetry Technician, CTC

The ECG/Telemetry program provides short term (one semester) training for entry level positions in health care by preparing students to perform non-invasive cardiology tests, ECGs, stress tests, Holter monitoring, and arrhythmia recognition.

Specific Requirements:

The ECG/Telemetry Technician Program includes didactic and laboratory course. 

Upon successful completion of required courses, the student will receive the Career and Technical Certificate in ECG/Telemetry.

Required Courses:

Total Credit Hours: 9

All courses must be completed with at least a grade of “C” in each class to receive the Career and Technical Certificate in ECG/Telemetry from BPCC.

Students completing the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program at Bossier Parish Community College may take challenge exams for ALHT 109  and/or BLGY 110 . If students successfully complete the challenge exams, they will not be required to enroll in ALHT 109  and/or BLGY 110  to earn the Career and Technical Certificate in ECG/Telemetry Technician.