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2021-2022 General Catalog Published 2/28/22 
2021-2022 General Catalog Published 2/28/22 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Corrections, CTS

The Certificate of Technical Studies in Corrections is designed to show recognition of extensive training in one of the primary areas of law enforcement.

The Certificate of Technical Studies in Corrections offers recognition for specialized training related to job classification and demands within the structure of criminal justice agencies that provide, within the law, due process and placement for those convicted and sentenced to incarceration.

This CTS focuses on the structure of the criminal justice agencies handling jails, probation juvenile diversion and parole, including those within the private sector that contract with government agencies to provide lock-up facilities for those sentenced to incarceration.

General Degree Information:

Graduates receive a total of 30 hours of college credit for completion of course work required for the Certificate of Technical Studies in Corrections. Courses taken in this CTS can be accepted toward a Technical Diploma in Criminal Justice and the Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice. Courses may also count toward a baccalaureate at colleges and universities electing to accept the transferred course(s).

Learning Outcomes:

  1. The skills to comprehend, evaluate, and synthesize information related to their area of responsibility by demonstrating their expertise;
  2. The application of the skills necessary to prepare written reports.
  3. The ability to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate job-related task in the profession of law enforcement.

Required Courses for the Certificate of Technical Studies in Corrections:

Freshman Year

Total Credit Hours: 30

Students must meet prerequisites before taking any given course. Additionally, students must earn a minimum grade of “C” in each course required in the curriculum to earn the Certificate of Technical Studies in Corrections.

This degree can be obtained 100% via Internet instruction. Contact your academic advisor for details.