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2021-2022 General Catalog Published 2/28/22 
2021-2022 General Catalog Published 2/28/22 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Criminal Justice, TD

Bossier Parish Community College and the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences recognize the increasing demand for qualified, trained personnel with policing skills in local and regional law enforcement and corrections facilities.

Program Review:

BPCC offers the Technical Diploma in Criminal Justice. Many law enforcement and corrections agencies encourage enrollment in this diploma program by offering career advantages to college-educated candidates and professionals.

General Degree Information:

Graduates receive a total of 45 hours of college credit for completion of course work required for the Technical Diploma in Criminal Justice. Criminal Justice courses taken can count toward an Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice and may count toward a baccalaureate at colleges and universities electing to accept the transferred course(s).

Learning Outcomes:

Recipients of the Technical Diploma in Criminal Justice will have demonstrated:

  1. The skills required for entry-level employment in the criminal justice profession;
  2. The skills to comprehend, evaluate, and synthesize information related to their area of responsibility by demonstrating their expertise;
  3. The application of the skills necessary to prepare written reports.
  4. Effective verbal and written communication with the public, staff, and administration by documenting activities, maintaining databases, and effective performance;
  5. The ability to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate job-related task in the profession of law enforcement.

Required Courses for the Technical Diploma in Criminal Justice:

First Semester: 15 Hours

Second Semester: 15 Hours

  • Credit Hours: 3

  • CJUS or CORR Elective Credit Hours 3
  • CJUS or CORR Elective Credit Hours 3
  • SLGY Elective Credit Hours 3
  • Approved Elective Credit Hours 3

Third Semester: 15 Hours

Total Credit Hours: 45

Students must meet prerequisites before taking any given course. Additionally, students must earn a minimum grade of ” C ” in each course required in the curriculum to earn the Technical Diploma in Criminal Justice.

6 hours of Approved Elective: Those pursuing the Associates Degree in Criminal Justice must choose two approved 3 credit hour courses from the following general education course groups: 

If one is not pursuing the Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, then one may chose any 3 credit hour elective CJUS course to fulfill the 6 hours of Approved Electives.

This degree can be obtained 100% via Internet instruction. Contact your academic advisor for details.