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2020-2021 General Catalog 
2020-2021 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Office Location: Building E, Room 140

Phone: 318-678-6008

Mission of the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences

The mission of the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences is to offer courses that complement and/or support degree programs at BPCC; to support the academic and vocational success of students previously unsuccessful in their educational and employment endeavors; to fulfill the needs of individuals seeking credentials or advanced training for promotion in law enforcement and corrections agencies; to offer students a comprehensive education program specifically designed to produce teacher candidates for university colleges of education; to meet the educational standards set by the State and federal governments for early childhood programs and satisfy the highest level of requirements in the Louisiana Quality Rating System (QRS) for providers of child care; and to offer courses that transfer to other colleges and universities.

Objectives of the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences:

  • To offer associate degree programs in Criminal Justice, Teacher Education, and Early Childhood that will prepare graduates for jobs in the related career fields.
  • To offer certificates of technical studies as well as technical diplomas in the field of criminal justice/corrections and medicolegal death investigation that will prepare working adults with promotion opportunities and graduates with job opportunities in the related career fields.
  • To promote student success through maintaining and developing academic excellence in associate degree programs.
  • To prepare previously unsuccessful students for the rigor of college course enrollment and completion.
  • To improve the opportunity for students to earn academic college credit for transfer to four-year institutions through articulation agreements.
  • To encourage critical thinking, analysis, and observation skills in division course offerings.


Kay Boston, Professor


Sierra Pearce, Administrative Assistant III
Brenda Williams, Program Coordinator



Kay Boston
Dan Cain (Program Coordinator, Criminal Justice)
Barbara James
Sharonda Mikle
Sandra Theus
Dr. Dawn Young

Associate Professors

Ashley Grisham

Assistant Professors

John Agan
Dr. Wesley Hinze
Gina Rider


Cody Culpepper
Dr. Michael Gennaro
Dr. Amber Latson
Dr. Alana Lord
Jeff Lynn
Mandy Perdue (Program Coordinator, Early Childhood Education)
Pam Simek
Horace Spratley
Ricky Woodward


    Associate of Applied ScienceAssociate of Arts Louisiana TransferAssociate of ScienceCertificate of Technical StudiesTechnical Diploma