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2021-2022 General Catalog Published 11/17/21 
2021-2022 General Catalog Published 11/17/21 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ENGR 270 syllabus

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ENGR 270:GIS in Engineering

Credit Hours: 3
Lecture hours per week: 3
Lab hours per week: 0

GIS in engineering is an introductory geographic information system (GIS) course. This course will provide professional training with a computer-based solution involving the collection, synthesis, analysis and communication of spatially related information within an area. Students will learn its widespread usage in local, state and federal governments. Students will also learn how to add intelligence to the computer-aided drawing (CAD) maps. This course will expose students to various planning and engineering tasks, including site analysis, water quality analysis, and underground services and soli analysis.

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