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2021-2022 General Catalog Published 11/17/21 
2021-2022 General Catalog Published 11/17/21 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Office of Public Relations

OFFICE LOCATION: Building A, Room 121
PHONE: 318-678-6031
EMAIL: publicrelations@bpcc.edu


Dr. Jennifer Lawrence, Vice Chancellor for External Affairs & Chief of Staff
Lisa Brantly, Administrative Assistant III/Building A Receptionist
Amanda Crane, Digital Communications Coordinator
Alison Piccolo, Creative Services Coordinator


The Public Relations Office produces all College publications, all program brochures, and recruiting materials. The Office also produces all College advertising and maintains the College’s social media platforms. The PR Office functions as the resource office for all media contacts and news information. Public Relations handles all in-house communications, including Campus Memo and BPCC Daily information sources, as well as organizes community and campus events for the College.

Social Media

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bpcccavs
Twitter: @BPCCCAVS
Instagram: @bpcccavs

Speakers’ Bureau

The Speakers’ Bureau consists of BPCC faculty and staff who are willing to speak at local events for local organizations. Program chairpersons may call the Public Relations Office 318-678-6066 to arrange for speakers on a variety of topics. Most speakers volunteer their time.

Media Services

TV Cablecast

The Bossier Parish Community College Division of Communication and Performing Arts is responsible for the day-to-day operation of its own cable television channel. Because the channel is designated PEG (Public, Education, and Government) by the FCC, all television programs must fall into that category in order to be cablecast. City Council meetings, news, weather, telecourses, and arts are just a few examples of the typical programming on the channel. Special programming includes programs such as BPCC News and Homework Hangout.