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2018-2019 General Catalog 
2018-2019 General Catalog

Financial Aid

BPCC provides equal educational opportunities for all students, and the policy of equal opportunity is fully implemented in all programs. All financial aid is administered by the Financial Aid Office.

Students can apply for financial aid from a variety of sources to meet their educational expenses. This aid is based on need and/or merit. Students must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements in order to receive federal financial aid. Awards are limited to students enrolled in degree, eligible technical diploma, or certificate programs at BPCC. Students enrolled in technical competency areas (TCAs) are not eligible for federal aid. All financial aid applicants must be accepted for admission to BPCC before aid will be processed. If a student chooses to submit transcripts from previously attended colleges, these transcripts must be evaluated and entered into our system by the Admissions/Registrar’s Office before aid will be processed.Financial aid will not be processed for students admitted provisionally. “Summer only” (visiting) students are not eligible for aid.

Students seeking assistance from federal financial aid programs must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or eligible non-citizen.
  2. Have a valid Social Security number.
  3. Be properly admitted or currently enrolled in a degree seeking or certificate program at BPCC.
  4. Maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in an eligible course of study in accordance with the College’s guidelines.
  5. Must sign a statement, which is located on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that states federal student aid funds will be used only for educational purposes.
  6. Must not be in default on a federal student loan nor owe a refund on a federal student grant.
  7. Must register with the Selective Service, if required.

Applying for Financial Aid is a lengthy process. The entire process could take up to 90 days. In order to have your financial aid processed in time for registration/fee payment, you must submit ALL requested documents according to the following deadlines.

Priority Deadlines for federal financial aid (grants and loans) Priority Deadlines for scholarships
Fall: June 1 Fall: March 31
Spring: October 1 Spring: October 1

If you are unable to meet these deadlines, be prepared to self-pay your tuition and fees. The Financial Aid Office can assist all students with information on programs and with the appropriate forms.


ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate students demonstrating need by the Federal Pell Grant formula
HOW TO APPLY:   1. Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid
2. Submit required documents to the Financial Aid Office.
AMOUNT: $6,095 annually (2018-2019)
DEADLINE: Three months prior to semester attending


ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate students whose need analysis exhibits excessive need.
HOW TO APPLY: Same as Federal Pell Grant
AMOUNT: Varies, generally $900 annually.


ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate students who have demonstrated financial need
HOW TO APPLY:   1. Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
2. Submit required documents to Financial Aid Office.
3. Complete employment application in Career Services Office.
AMOUNT: Minimum wage, up to 20 hours employment per week; paid bi-weekly.

Louisiana Rehabilitation Services

Tuition and fees may be paid for eligible students with disabilities such as diabetes, lupus, orthopedic problems, sickle cell anemia, mental health problems, substance abuse, etc. However, additional services such as books and transportation are based on economic need. Apply at the State Office Building, 1525 Fairfield Ave., Shreveport, LA 71101-4388 or call 318-676-7155 or 800-737-2966 for information.


ELIGIBILITY: Must be full-time student who meets specific eligibility and special criteria.
Louisiana high school graduate.
HOW TO APPLY: See high school counselor. Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
Deadline: May 1 priority; July 1, final state deadline.
AMOUNT: Tuition. Some students may qualify for additional stipends based on ACT score and high school GPA.

BPCC Foundation, Inc. Scholarships

Thanks to generous grants and donations from community partners and members of BPCC’s faculty and staff, each year, the Foundation allocates scholarship funds to assist students who cannot secure traditional financial aid (Pell Grants, Loans, etc.), and to those who are self-pay, yet require additional assistance closing the funding gap on tuition and fees. Review a full list of available scholarships, criteria and funding levels at .


ELIGIBILITY: Any full-time, academically qualified with a 3.500 GPA and 22 ACT. College students must have an overall college GPA of at least 3.25. See for a complete list of requirements.
Student must be working toward a specific program of study at BPCC
HOW TO APPLY: See Admissions/Registrar’s Office
AMOUNT: Tuition only, no fees.


ELIGIBILITY: Academically qualified and participating in varsity sports.
HOW TO APPLY: Contact Athletic Department.
AMOUNT: Varies


ELIGIBILITY: Active members of the Louisiana National Guard. Student must not be on academic probation or suspension. Student must have at least 2.000 cumulative GPA. Student must declare a degree in order to utilize the tuition waiver.
HOW TO APPLY: Contact National Guard Unit Commander.
AMOUNT: Tuition, no fees.



Students whose veteran parent has a 90-100% service connected disability through the VA or is rated as unemployable. Children and spouses may be eligible if the veteran has died of a service connected disability and was a resident of the state of Louisiana.

Student must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and be full time.

HOW TO APPLY: Contact the state or parish Department of Veterans Affairs officer.
AMOUNT: Tuition, some mandatory fees, and all course fees are exempt.


ELIGIBILITY: Students awarded scholarships based on talent are selected by auditions or tryouts, which have been publicized and are supervised by the faculty advisor. All talent-based scholarship awards are monitored by the Director of Student Life. Must be full-time student and maintain 2.000 GPA.
HOW TO APPLY: Office of Student Life


ELIGIBILITY: Any full-time Communication Media student with a 2.500 GPA.
HOW TO APPLY: Contact the Communication and Performing Arts Division, 318-678-6038.
AMOUNT: Tuition for each semester. Student is responsible for fees.


TYPE: FEDERAL DIRECT LOANS (Subsidized and Unsubsidized)
ELIGIBILITY: Need eligibility must be established by the BPCC Financial Aid Office.
HOW TO APPLY: Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
Submit required documents to Financial Aid Office.

Dependent Students
Direct Loan Annual loan limit
1st year $5,500 (no more than $3,500 may be subsidized)
2nd year $6,500 (no more than $4,500 may be subsidized)

Independent Students
Direct Loan Annual loan limit
1st year $9,500 (no more than $3,500 may be subsidized)
2nd year $10,500 (no more than $4,500 may be subsidized)


ELIGIBILITY: Parents of dependent students.
HOW TO APPLY: Student completes Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Parent completes PLUS pre-approval process at Contact Financial Aid Office for more information.
AMOUNT: Parents of undergraduates may borrow up to the entire cost of attendance minus any other financial aid received.

Financial Aid Students Who Resign

Financial aid recipients who resign/withdraw, officially or unofficially, before completing more than 60% of the semester will be required to pay back all or part of the aid received. In most cases, students will owe money to the federal aid program(s) and to the school. Students who stop attending all classes will be considered unofficial withdrawals. Specific information and examples regarding the Return of Title IV Funds Policy are available in the Financial Aid Office. The 60% date will be posted on the Financial Aid page at for each semester.

Veteran Education Benefits

Education benefits are available to all veterans and their families who qualify based on certain criteria through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Please refer to this link: to follow the steps to apply for education benefits or contact the local VA office for assistance; a list of these offices is available on the website. Students should contact the VA Certifying Official at BPCC with any questions regarding certification of their classes.

Once education benefits are established, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the VA Certifying Official in the Division of Innovative Learning  (Veterans Resource Center), Bldg. H-413, to ensure the classes are certified through the VA. Classes cannot be certified without the proper paperwork. 

If a student adds a class, drops a class, resigns from the college or changes degree programs it is their responsibility to notify the VA Certifying Official as soon as possible.

Students must maintain satisfactory progress and review the Academic Policies section of the catalog concerning probation and suspension due to a low GPA or financial obligation.

Benefits will be according to VA guidelines.