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2018-2019 General Catalog 
2018-2019 General Catalog

Academic Course Descriptions

Courses offered during the academic year covered by this catalog will be selected principally from those courses described on the following pages. Bossier Parish Community College reserves the right, however, to make revisions in these offerings.

Course Description Key

The course prefix is the first set of letters (see the prefix codes below) at the beginning of each course section. The course number is shown to the left of the title.

The significance of the numbering system is as follows:

000-099 Developmental courses for no degree credit

100-199 Freshmen level courses

200-299 Sophomore level courses

Contact and credit hours of each course are shown in parentheses immediately following the course title. The first figure indicates the total semester hours credit awarded to students for satisfactory completion of the course; the second number indicates the number of contact hours per week in lecture; the third number represents the number of contact hours per week in laboratory.

For example: (3-3-0)

3 semester hour credits

3 hours lecture per week

0 hours lab per week

Clinical, practicum, internship, or externship courses may indicate the course credit hours followed by the total number of contact hours. Some courses have prerequisites or corequisites listed. A prerequisite must be taken prior to entering a course; a corequisite must be taken prior to, or concurrently with, the course. For clarification on any prerequisites or corequisites, students should contact the appropriate dean. Students must make a “C” or higher in all prerequisite courses.


Pharmacy Technician

   •  PHAR 104:Pharmacology for Pharmacy Technicians
   •  PHAR 110:Sterile Products
   •  PHAR 110L:Sterile Products Lab
   •  PHAR 120:Professional Practice Seminar
   •  PHAR 151:Pharmacy Clinical Practice

Physical Science

   •  PHSC 105:Elemental Physics
   •  PHSC 105L:Elemental Physics Laboratory
   •  PHSC 106:Elemental Chemistry
   •  PHSC 107:Environmental Science
   •  PHSC 110:Astronomy
   •  PHSC 111:Physical Geology

Physical Therapist Assistant

   •  PTAP 200:Functional Anatomy
   •  PTAP 201:Introduction to Physical Therapy
   •  PTAP 202:Clinical Kinesiology
   •  PTAP 203:Orthopedic Conditions
   •  PTAP 204:Physical Therapy Procedures
   •  PTAP 205:Therapeutic Modalities
   •  PTAP 206:Clinical Practice I
   •  PTAP 212:Clinical Neuroanatomy
   •  PTAP 213:Neurological Conditions
   •  PTAP 214:Therapeutic Exercise
   •  PTAP 215:Special Areas of Practice
   •  PTAP 216:Clinical Practice II
   •  PTAP 217:Comprehensive Interventions for the Physical Therapist Assistant
   •  PTAP 226:Clinical Practice III


   •  PHYS 201:General Physics I
   •  PHYS 201L:General Physics I Laboratory
   •  PHYS 202:General Physics II
   •  PHYS 202L:General Physics II Laboratory
   •  PHYS 211:Physics for Engineering and Science I
   •  PHYS 212:Physics for Engineering and Science II

Political Science

   •  POSC 201:National Government in the United States
   •  POSC 202:State and Local Government


   •  PNUR 101:Nursing as a Career


   •  PSYC 201:Introduction to Psychology
   •  PSYC 202:Practical Psychology for Health Professionals
   •  PSYC 205:Child Psychology
   •  PSYC 206:Adolescent Psychology
   •  PSYC 210:Educational Psychology
   •  PSYC 220:Developmental Psychology
   •  PSYC 225:Loss and Death
   •  PSYC 230:Military Stress and Health
   •  PSYC 290:Social Psychology
   •  PSYC 299:Abnormal Psychology


   •  READ 099:Developmental Reading


   •  RLGN 201:New Testament Survey I: Interbiblical Period, Four Gospels
   •  RLGN 202:New Testament Survey II: Acts to Revelations
   •  RLGN 203:World Religions

Respiratory Therapy

   •  RSTH 202:Fundamentals of Respiratory Therapy
   •  RSTH 203:Cardiopulmonary Physiology I
   •  RSTH 204:Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology
   •  RSTH 210:Clinical Applications and Procedures I
   •  RSTH 220:Pulmonary Disease
   •  RSTH 221:Critical Care Concepts
   •  RSTH 225:Clinical Applications and Procedure II
   •  RSTH 226:Respiratory Care Seminar I
   •  RSTH 235:Cardiopulmonary Case Studies and Ethical Issues
   •  RSTH 265:Clinical Applications and Procedures III
   •  RSTH 270:Neonatology/Pediatric Respiratory Care
   •  RSTH 275:Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics
   •  RSTH 285:Advanced Practitioners Review
   •  RSTH 291:Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Retail Management

   •  RMGT 201:Customer Service Skills
   •  RMGT 202:Principles of Purchasing
   •  RMGT 211:Retail Management


   •  SCI 101:Foundations in Science I
   •  SCI 102:Foundations in Science II

Service Learning/Interdisciplinary Studies

   •  SLIS 100:Service Learning/Interdisciplinary Studies


   •  SLGY 201:Introduction to Sociology
   •  SLGY 202:Social Problems
   •  SLGY 203:Marriage and Family Living
   •  SLGY 204:Sociology of Deviance
   •  SLGY 207:Race, Class and Ethnicity
   •  SLGY 211:Criminology
   •  SLGY 290:Social Psychology


   •  SPAN 101:Elementary Spanish I
   •  SPAN 102:Elementary Spanish II
   •  SPAN 105:Spanish for the Medical Profession
   •  SPAN 106:Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel
   •  SPAN 201:Intermediate Spanish


   •  SPCH 110:Public Speaking
   •  SPCH 115:Interpersonal Communication
   •  SPCH 233:Argumentation and Debate

Surgical Technology

   •  STEC 101:Orientation to Surgical Technology
   •  STEC 102:Introduction to Surgical Techniques
   •  STEC 102L:Introduction to Surgical Techniques
   •  STEC 110:Surgical Procedures I
   •  STEC 111:Clinical Specialties
   •  STEC 112:Surgical Practicum I
   •  STEC 120:Surgical Procedures II
   •  STEC 121:Surgical Specialties and Review
   •  STEC 122:Surgical Practicum II

Teaching and Learning

   •  TEAC 201:Teaching and Learning in Diverse Settings I
   •  TEAC 203:Teaching and Learning in Diverse Settings II

Technical Education

   •  TEED 101:Fundamentals of Electricity and Lab I
   •  TEED 102:Fundamentals of Electricity and Lab II
   •  TEED 140:Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics
   •  TEED 142:Print Reading for Engineering and Manufacturing
   •  TEED 143:Introductory Computer Drafting
   •  TEED 144:Intermediate Computer Drafting

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